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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mud jacking, Sand jacking, Foam jacking, and A-1 Concrete Leveling?

Will the holes used in leveling be dramatically different in color compared to our existing cement?

We do have ways of matching the color depending on the color of the concrete. It is virtually impossible to match the color of existing concrete. Over time due to weathering it will start to blend with existing concrete.

How long has A-1 Concrete Leveling been in existence?

Mud jacking or slab jacking has been commonly used for about 50 years. Refinement of the process to its current state occurred about 20 years ago by an inventor from Peninsula, Ohio. This franchise in Minnesota started in the year 2000 which is family owned and operated with no employees.

How do we figure our bidding process and what is included?

The bid was done in the following factors in mind: Voids or filling to be done before raising, difficulty of raising, cleaning the joints ( sawing), formation of the concrete, (curves, sections, floors, porches, etc) access to the work area, (distance, trees, bushes, backyard, etc), thickness of the concrete slabs, and what the finished product will look like. The bid also includes fuel, materials, usage wear of the equipment, labor, and insurance.

How long will Concrete Leveling last?

Although every situation is unique. Concrete usually sinks because of water erosion and compaction of the soils. Our pulverized limestone dramatically

improves the compaction of the soils. Sometimes high levels of organic materials maybe difficult to stabilize for long periods of time. Improper drainage, misaligned or broken pipes, or newly installed utilities, or surface cracks may allow water to undermine the soils underneath. Some circumstances are that slabs maybe suspended or have a large capacity void underneath them. Then when the concrete is filled and lifted, the soils sometimes have never had any weight on them. This may cause them to resettle due to compaction that has taken place. We ask that you call us back and we go back in the same holes and repump it for free.

Carefully compare bids and beware of Con Artists

Keep in mind that the lowest bid may not be necessarily the best bid and that an unusually low bid maybe a cause for an alarm. The bid may not be a firm bid or include the cost of Labor, fuel, materials, trip charge, hidden voids during the bid, and maybe using a inexperienced crew. It may be a low bid to get the work and finish high due to unwarranted line of excuses. Can provide only a P.O. Box address, requires a full or substantial payment before work begins, uses high pressure sales tactics, and does not belong to any organizations or associations to have business track record of doing business.

Numbers for you to call

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